WE ARE Trina Meade – Vocals Tomi Martin – Guitar Melly Baldwin - Drums Sean Michael Ray - Bass Bio "Something happens when we're on stage together. I don't even think we know what it is." -Tomi Martin Tomi Martin/guitar and Trina Mead/vocals have been compared to many things since working together. Their most flattering is the comparison to Mother's Finest. "Since they are our mentors from day one,we'll take it!!" says Trina. A long musical relationship with these two has been going on since the early 90's. From touring with artists like TLC,Toni Braxton,Outkast and the Indigo Girls to working on records for Madonna,Michael Jackson,Mick Jagger,Stevie Nicks and Caroline Aiken this duo has laid a legacy many would die for.

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